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On the eve of her Twenty-eighth birthday, Nadine begins to question her relationship with her wife, Cassidy. Once Cassidy crosses a line, their troubles communicating manifest into a hyper-reality nightmare; a grisly showdown in which Nadine is faced with a heartbreaking realization.


No relationship is straightforward - that is the sentiment at the core of Twenty Eight, a film that explores our innermost fantasies when struggling with a tumultuous love, and the places our minds go when we can’t figure out how to communicate in real life. For Nadine, what she wants to say to Cassidy manifests in an outburst within this fantasy realm, a hyper-reality world that forces her to face aspects of her relationship she can no longer ignore.

Producers/Writers: Nadine Bhabha & Cassidy Furman

Prod: Toast and Butter Productions

DOP: Jonathan Choi

Starring: Nadine Bhabha & Cassidy Furman

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