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A series of pranks you shouldn't do IRL. So we did them. For Science. You're Welcome.

LADY ADA'S SECRET SOCIETY (formerly The Girl Code) is about four girls rebel against their hyper-traditional boarding school by pranking it using technology they invented, hacked or “borrowed”. The challenge is to keep their activities secret from the headmistress who abhors computers but has a nose for secrets.

Creator/Writer: Shannon Fewster

Prod: Even the Odds

Starring: Ella Jonas Farlinger, Saara Chaudry, Glenna Walters, Claire Qute & Terri Hawkes



Winner Best Trailer - Asia Web Awards 2018

Nominated Best Pilot - Sicily Web Fest 2018

Nominated Best Trailer - Seriesland Bilbao International Digital Festival 2018

Nominated Best Series Pilot - Minnesota Webfest 2018

Nominated Best Pilot - NZWebFest 2018

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