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A queer woman’s night is derailed when the sister of her recently outed roommate shows up at their front door, demanding answers.

I Only Kiss In The Dark is a story about finding empathy when overcoming internalized homophobia. Through a queer lens, it examines how we choose to be perceived by others, and how there is no correct way of being 'out'.

Set in Toronto during a torrential rainstorm, two queer women find themselves confined in an apartment together after a mutual connection is wrongfully outed, prompting them to explore their own boundaries concerning being out. The film explores how those in the queer community choose to control the narrative surrounding their sexuality and how others perceive them, and how we can have conflicting opinions on the matter, especially after suffering from years of internalized homophobia. It is inspired by my personal experiences as a bisexual woman struggling with my own deeply rooted internalized homophobia, and my journey in feeling that my identity wasn’t valid. It’s a love letter to queer women enduring the same doubts that I experienced.


Status: Currently beginning it's festival run for 2023/2024 season
Producer: Josh Clapp
Story by: Kelly Paoli
Writer: Andreas Vatiliotou

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

Starring: Humberly González, Noah Lamanna, Xavier Lopez

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