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Canada's Women's National Sitting Volleyball is comprised of talent like no other, yet they have been fighting an uphill battle for their sport for years. Despite being a relatively newer team in comparison to their international peers, the hopeful Canadians were a podium contender at the 2020 Paralympic Games, but suffered a heartbreaking loss to their rivals, Brazil, during the bronze medal match. 

Meanwhile, the team face other struggles outside of the court. Sitting Volleyball, and the Paralympics in general, do not receive the same kind of support or coverage as sports featured in the Olympics. After the Olympic Broadcasting Services failed to keep their promise of providing more coverage at the 2020 Games, the team spearheaded a viral reaction from Canadians back home, causing CBC to step up and provide media coverage of their games.  

Crossing Space represents the evolution of the sports narrative. Stories like the Women’s National Sitting Volleyball Team and the unfair obstacles they face have long been ignored by mainstream sports.

Status: Currently in production, set to be released 2025
Prod: Iron Bay Media & Bloom Content
Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council


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