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Alien Creatures
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ALIEN CREATURES is an anthology of short films about the inherent nostalgia that comes with loss. Four millennials struggle to piece together their lives upon discovering that they are being evicted from their house within a month.  

An incompetent comic artist returns home after her grandmother passes away, only to discover that she and her roommates are being evicted from their home in a month. Exploring the millennial obsession with nostalgia, Alien Creatures is a story about the inherent loss that comes with the unwillingness to let go of the past, the fluidity of sexuality and the questioning of what happens when relationships just don't work out.

Produced by The Applebox Film Company

Starring Ryan Fisher, Kelly Paoli, Alex Spyropoulos, Andrew Meikle


EVAN + NATHAN follows the turbulent relationship between Evan and Nathan; a dancer who is yet to fully come out of the closet, and his charming, promiscuous roommate.

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